The Sonoma Valley Legends Series is a video tribute to the people who helped make Sonoma Valley the world-class wine region that it is today.

Episode 6: Richard Arrowood & Phil Coturri, Part 2

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 4.36.23 PMThe two legends that helped to popularize single vineyard designates in Sonoma Valley sit down once again to recall their early days. Taken together, Phil and Richard’s recollections tell the story of Sonoma Valley becoming one of the word’s most acclaimed wine regions.

Legend, the title fits Richard well. His Sonoma Valley roots go back to 1974 when he established a pioneering vineyard designate program for Chateau St. Jean. First with Arrowood Winery and now with Amapola Creek, Richard’s reputation as a true winemaster is, well, legendary.


What can we say about Phil that hasn’t been said here? Or here? A grape grower practically since birth, few people have contributed more to the quality of Sonoma Valley wines. But equally important to Phil are the many strides he has made to validate and promote sustainable and organic wine farming.



Richard sets the record straight about Sonoma Valley wines.

Phil waxes philosophical about wine’s ability to transport you.

Richard pays Phil the ultimate compliment.


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