It’s no wonder that California’s early pioneers quickly recognized Sonoma Valley as the ideal location to craft fine wines. Today you can visit wineries that date back to the Gold Rush. You can tour vineyards that have quenched the thirsts of the state’s earliest settlers. Yes, in Sonoma Valley you can immerse yourself in the history of California winemaking, but you’ll find the region’s true legacy in the revolutionary approach to winemaking that was born and still flourishes here. It’s in the knowledge harvested over 150 growing seasons. It’s in the passion and spirit of a family-first approach to farming passed down through generations. Best of all, you can taste it in the remarkable wines that reveal their storied history and promising future with every sip.

  • 1823

    Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma was established by Father Junipero Serra. The last and northernmost mission in California.

  • The Bear Flag Revolt: General Vallejo is captured and The California Bear Flag was first raised in Sonoma by rebellious white settlers who declared independence for California.


  • 1850

    California becomes the 31st state.

  • Count Agoston Harazsthy from Hungary purchases the land that will become Buena Vista Winery.


  • 1920

    Prohibition (the 18th amendment to the Constitution) goes into affect.

  • Prohibition is repealed.


  • 1992

    SVVGA is established

  • SVVGA updates its image for yet another generation of Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers.