Come join the Two Amigos, Guido and Guida Vino, as we bump off a few myths about wine and create a few of our own (“Myth” is how you introduce a young woman if you have had too much to drink). “Sniff, Sip and Giggle” This is all you really need to know about wine tasting. The giggle after you taste it is the most important part because wine tasting should be fun. At Two Amigos Winery we are totally passionate and uncompromising about our wines and wine making. We employ a unique combination of old world traditions and modern techniques that were developed in the California crucible of wine making. The results will amaze you.

GlenLyon and Two Amigos wines are best described as premium, small lot vintages that are available only in our tasting room, from our website and through our la Familia wine club. It’s important to remember that wine is just a fun beverage. It is not a religion and is best enjoyed with a sense of humor and irreverence. Who makes Two Amigos Wines? Some clown! (you’ll never guess). We promise to entertain your palette as well as your funny bone.