Mountain Terraces Vineyard

High-Level Winemaking

SITE EXPRESSION is the cornerstone of our low-intervention winemaking philosophy. We believe that grapes harvested at optimal ripeness and treated to natural fermentation using native yeasts lead to Cabernet Sauvignon of exceptional character, purity and generosity.

Our process begins with hand-harvested grapes at optimal ripeness. This allows experience, rather than numbers, to tell us that acids, tannins and sugars are in perfect balance. After hand sorting, the fruit is transferred to small, temperature-controlled tanks for 14 – 30 days. To ensure depth of flavor and complexity, temperatures are monitored closely to control timing of fermentation and extraction. Next, the wines are aged for 24 – 30 months in the finest French oak barrels to heighten the wine’s aromatics, texture and structure. Once racked from the barrel, the wines are bottled unfiltered and unfined for an additional 12 months of aging before completion.

This meticulous attention to detail, and no-holds barred commitment to the highest level of winemaking results in Mountain Terraces wines with the extraordinary intensity and richness that will elevate any occasion.