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La Prenda Wines

La Prenda Wines and Sonoma Collection are the brainchild of Ned Hill, long-time grape grower and owner of La Prenda Vineyards Management.  In addition to growing some of wine country’s best grapes, La Prenda produces multiple wine brands that reflect the beauty and diversity of the places they farm. It’s a passion that extends from the fields to each glass. Labels include Sonoma Collection, Fifth Hill, La Prenda, Happy Wife, and 95476. Sonoma Collection is a family-owned business featuring sustainably farmed wines honoring Sonoma Valley grape farmers.

In January 2020, La Prenda announced Mike Cox as the new Winemaker. Both Hill and Cox make no apologies for being Sonoma-centric. They share the belief that good Sonoma vineyards can produce wines to rival those anywhere on the planet. La Prenda also offers custom label creations for a completely unique wine that you can sell, gift or use for promotional purposes, and has access to a range of world-class white, red and rose wines that can be bottled in different sizes and quantities to suit your tastes.

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Available Varietals


  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Malbec
  • Red Wine Blend
  • Syrah


  • Chardonnay
  • White Wine Blend

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