Welcome to Belden Barns  

Perched at 1,000 feet on the Northwest shoulder of Sonoma Mountain, Belden Barns is a true California gem.  Our unique location allows us to take advantage of ideal grape growing conditions.  When morning fog, afternoon sun, pacific breezes and ancient volcanic soils meet passionate vintners, it’s hard not to produce exceptional – dare we say – magical wines.  Our family believes in life’s magical possibilities, and we proudly invite you to join us for wish-worthy experiences in our storybook setting.

We approach our wines much like we do our lives: with a unique blend of passion, fun and serendipity.

PASSION – We care deeply about each and every one of the products that we put into the world.  We take what we do seriously, and strive to make ground-breaking wines that we can proudly stand behind.

FUN – It's all about enjoyment and delight. We make wines we love to drink.  At the end of the day, if we're not having fun, we're doing something wrong.

SERENDIPITY – Ultimately, wine is influenced by an unfathomable confluence of events.  After all of the best laid plans, Mother Nature jumps in and trumps everything.  Often, that's where the true magic unfolds.