Winegrower and Vintner Sam Coturri @grapeswithaview of #EnterpriseVineyards and Winery @Sixteen600 has been the man on the ground informing so many of our community with fire updates. Sharing his post last night highlighting how during this disaster harvest and winemaking continue where possible. “Yesterday we picked and crushed 10 tons of Cabernet from Stone Edge Farm. Tomorrow a massive crew will descend upon Oakville Ranch Vineyards off Silverado Trail to harvest as much as possible. Today 180 Enterprise Vineyards employees received their weekly paycheck, despite the fact that 85% of their job sites are in some ways effected by this ongoing disaster. There are 180 families currently spread across the Bay Area whose lives depend on those checks. Lives depend on fire fighters and other emergency services workers, without a doubt. But we are working to salvage this harvest as if our lives depended on it. Because they do. Who knows what tomorrow brings but I do know it will bring Cabernet.” Be safe Sam, thank you for all you and your family do. #SonomaValleyWine #TheRootsRunDeep #community #SonomaStrong #CAWineStrong #SonomaProud #SCHarvest Photo: @grapeswithaview of the Enterprise Vineyards crew harvesting last week.

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