@SonomaValleyWine Extended Family Members, are you ready to have the best night ever? You are invited to join our local vintners and growers on August 6th for a magical evening of incredible food, wine, company and live theater right in the heart of Jack London State Park! Sonoma Valley’s highly regarded Transcendence Theatre Company @ttcsonoma will provide the entertainment, @aventineglenellen will provide the dinner and of course we will provide a wine bar stocked with plenty of Sonoma Valley favorites. Full details and ticketing information can be found in the Family Room section of the Extended Family page! Not a member yet? Then join us at our profile link! Membership is free, and as you can see it’s good to have family in the wine business! ‪#‎SonomaValleyWine ‪#‎TheRootsRunDeep ‪#‎SVExtendedFamily @jacklondonpark #winecountry #wine #vintners #winegrowers #family

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