In the @macleodfamilyvineyard from the Patron, George MacLeod. “The start of May is one of my favorite times of year in the vineyard. As May begins, the growing shoots that will become canes are five to 10 inches long. On each shoot, you can see the tiny grape clusters that will bloom by the end of May. The tiny leaves on the shoots are beautiful in their own right. Each leaf is a fuzzy, light green, and bordered on the tiny, serrated edges with shades of light pink. In the early morning, when there has been a dew, each tiny point on the serrated edge has a drop of water that catches the nearly horizontal rays of morning sun and turns the dew drops into a tiny diamond necklace for each new leaf – a special reward for the dawn riser.” More at our Facebook page. #SonomaValleyWine #TheRootsRunDeep #SVLegends #GeorgeMacLeod

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