Happy National Agriculture Day! 🍇 America has been celebrating Ag Day since 1973. Sharing a post from @grapegrl05 of Price Family Vineyards. Today, I would like to introduce to you, Leonel Ortiz. Leonel has been working in agriculture for 39 years. Leonel was born in Miacatlán, Morelos, Mexico in 1960. He studied Ag Economics at a University near his hometown. Once he finished his schooling, he moved North to Napa, California. His began his career working for Robert Mondavi. He developed himself at Mondavi for 25 years before moving on to Premier Pacific Vineyards. He now is one of the lead vineyard managers for Atlas Vineyard Management. Leonel spends his time managing the different Price Family Vineyard ranches. When asked what his favorite part of viticulture is, he struggled to find one specific task that he enjoyed more than the others. He has become a great mentor and leader for all that work along side him. Leonel mentioned he enjoys teaching new employees the life cycle of the vine. Every January, new employees come to the farm for work. Leonel takes them into the crew and shows them the vines. Starting with pruning, he explains which canes we will choose for the current year’s wood. He then explains how this selection helps set the plant up for the following year’s crop. As the year goes on, he continues to work with the new-comers until they have a full growing year under their belt. Grapevines produce one crop per year. Our growing year begins in March and ends in the fall. We get one chance to produce our crop for the season. So it is very important that our employees are skilled and knowledgeable in each part of the grape growing process. Having come into Agriculture only 12 years ago, I have looked to co-workers like Leonel to teach me the ropes. I am grateful for people like Leonel who take interests in showing me their valuable lessons both on and off the farm. #sonomavalleywine #nationalagday #agriculture #viticulture #vineyard #grapegrowers #mjdoa #cwa #womeninag #wegrowtheworld #farmher #womenwhofarm #rolemodel #sonomavalleygrown #therootsrundeep #durellvineyard #pricefamily

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