The Family Room

Meet the people who have farmed and made wine here for generations.

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation


Now on Deck…The Millennials

In an era where family farming seems to be in sharp decline across much of the country, it is still very much a fixture of Sonoma Valley’s wine country. Over 85% of Sonoma Valley’s Vintner and Grower operations remain family owned and operated, and many of these businesses have been in family hands now for several generations with no end in sight. The latest group to weave itself into the Valley’s rich agricultural fabric are the Millennials, many of whom are now working alongside their parents, and in some cases their grandparents, to keep their family businesses thriving.

Yet just who are these young vintners and growers, what makes them tick, and why have they been keen to return to the Valley to take up the mantel of winegrowing?

Come get to know the Next Generation: