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Pastry A Go Go

There are plenty of amazing places in Sonoma Valley to sit down to a great meal. But what about those times when time matters?

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You could be heading up valley for a day of wine tasting in Kenwood and need an eye opening cup of joe and a breakfast sandwich. Maybe you’re working your way towards Carneros and looking for a quick pick me up and tasty treat. Either way, on either side of Highway 12, just on the outskirts of the Sonoma Town Square, you’ll find something distinctly delicious.


Looking for a tasty way to start your day? You’ll find it at Crisp Bakeshop. Now, we’d love to tell you exactly what you’ll find at this quaint little bakery, but Executive Chef Moaya Scheiman and Pastry Chef Andreal Koweek like to keep it fresh. And local. And organic. And sustainable.

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So you’ll find flavors that reflect the farm to table movement in delicacies that range from fresh Viennoiserie, pastries, cookies, cakes, confections and desserts, along with a range of savory fare including Banh Mi and Pickled Egg Salad sandwiches. Gluten free? They have that covered, too. Ready for a glass of wine? Covered. Crisp now serves an exclusive selection of Sonoma Valley wines. So you can wrap up your day here, perhaps with a glass of Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs and one of their legendary Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt.

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If all this deliciousness seems somehow too good to be true, here’s the thing. Crisp Bakeshop is really just a front. A storefront, that is, for Moaya and Andrea’s special event business, catering to local weddings, dignitaries and anyone else who wants to totally impress people with a custom designed cookie and dessert table.

Fortunately, you don’t have to throw or attend an exclusive event to find a slice of pastry heaven at Crisp. Just pull into the little parking lot on the outskirts of downtown Sonoma and indulge.


Let’s say you just happen to be zipping through town looking for a killer cup of coffee and a tasty treat to go. Well, that’s pretty much the concept at Café Scooteria. Heck, the whole place is on wheels.

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Scooteria isn’t just into scooters. It IS a scooter. An Italian Café on three wheels, along with the traditional style coffee drinks they have a well-earned reputation for the valley’s best Chai. For the hungry passing masses there’s everything from fresh croissant sandwiches and burritos to donuts, scones, muffins, bagels, assorted pastries and donuts. Did we already say donuts?


Of course, Scooteria delivers, because that’s just how they roll. So you can have your morning fix brought to your door if you so desire (and you’re in range). But now you’re thinking, why stop there? They should have a Vintage Espresso Bar. And, sure enough, they do.

Along with a Gelato Cart. Which means they can scooter over to your next party. We’re telling you, this place gets around. Although generally you can’t miss it on Highway 12 a little west of downtown Sonoma. Just look for the scooters.