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A sampling of not-to-be-missed Sonoma Valley happenings.

Taste Tips

It’s, literally, the whole county in one big, beautiful location.



TASTE OF SONOMA AT MACMURRAY ESTATE VINEYARDS is the flagship event for Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. It’s your chance to sample the very best of what Sonoma County has to offer. And Sonoma County has A LOT to offer. TASTE OF SONOMA features over 200 wineries pouring thousands of wines and over 60 local chefs serving up exquisitely prepared pairings. There’s so much, in fact, that we thought a few suggestions might be in order. Follow the few suggested tips below to make sure you get to sample as much of Sonoma County as you can.

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  • MAKE A SHORT LIST: Surely you have a few favorite Sonoma County wineries. Make sure you get to them first. The main area is divided up by AVA’s, so you should have no problem finding them. Plus, if you get there first, you may have a better chance of catching the winemaker at a time when they have some time to socialize.
  • PAIR APPROPRIATELY: Be sure to ask the wine servers and the chefs what they consider to be the ideal pairings. A lot of work has gone into each menu item. To fully appreciate it, make sure you sample it with the right wine.

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  • BOOK AN ADD-ON ACTIVITY: From blind tastings to sommelier tours, be sure to reserve a spot in one of the unique additional chances to delve deeper into the Sonoma County experience. You can learn more about what’s available here. Then book it when you buy your tickets.
  • DRESS FOR A BIG DAY: It’s warm in the Russian River Valley this time of year. So, starting from the top, it’s great to have a hat to keep the sun off your face. Bring layers, as fog is always a possibility. Footwear should be focused on comfort. You’ll be standing a lot and walking on grass and gravel.

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  • STAY HYDRATED: Your Taste of Sonoma ticket includes a water bottle. Use it. There are water stations throughout the event, and nothing keeps your energy up like staying freshly watered.
  • CATCH A SHUTTLE: Sonoma Wine Country Weekend and Pure Luxury Transportation have teamed up to offer round trip transportation to and from Taste of Sonoma. Shuttles depart at locations throughout Marin and Sonoma, and you can book your shuttle when you buy your ticket.

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Photography by Michael Woolsey