The Sonoma Valley Legends Series is a video tribute to the people who helped make Sonoma Valley the world-class wine region that it is today.

Episode 4: Mike Benziger & George MacLeod, Part 2


In this, the second set of sit-downs with Mike and George, two of Sonoma Valley’s most celebrated wine pioneers share stories that trace their earliest and most important milestones in winegrowing.

George MacLeod
As a retirement project in 1974, George MacLeod had the vision to turn a long-abandoned Sonoma Valley orchard into a vineyard. The result is the legendary Indian Springs Ranch, a property renowned for world-class wines.

Mike Benziger
Since purchasing their first Glen Ellen property in 1980, Mike and his family have established Benziger Family Winery as a true leader in quality wines and a globally recognized trailblazer in nurturing a healthy natural environment for winegrowing.

George gets some early advice about crafting distinctive wines from Bob Kunde.

The first vintage of Benziger Family Wines was not without its challenges.

George was instrumental in uniting vintners and growers to draft the SVVGA constitution.

Mike recalls his mother serving free lunches for neighbors and workers.

Mike acknowledges the MacLeods for setting the benchmark in caring for vineyard workers.

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