The Sonoma Valley Legends Series is a video tribute to the people who helped make Sonoma Valley the world-class wine region that it is today.

Mike Benziger & George MacLeod Episode 1: Part 1

MG_mike_george2Two of Sonoma Valley’s most celebrated wine pioneers share stories that trace their earliest and most important milestones in winegrowing.

George MacLeod
As a retirement project in 1974, George MacLeod had the vision to turn a long-abandoned Sonoma Valley orchard into a vineyard. The result is the legendary Indian Springs Ranch, a property renowned for world-class wines.

Mike Benziger
Since purchasing his first Glen Ellen property in 1980, Mike and his family have established Benziger Family Winery as a true leader in quality wines and a globally recognized trailblazer in nurturing a healthy natural environment for winegrowing.

George recalls his first visit to Indian Springs.

George realizes the heavy obstacles ahead.

Mike Benziger’s epic journey to winemaking.

How Benziger became a biodynamics trailblazer.

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