Whether you are a seasoned grower operating a mature vineyard or a land owner just getting started in the industry, you are likely facing many challenging questions. You might be wondering if you are growing the best grapes your land can produce, whether to focus on total yield or on fruit quality, or whether to maximize top-line revenue or operating profits. If your land is still bare you might be wondering what grapes to plant and how long will it take for your property to turn a profit.

Regardless of where you stand, the long-term success of your vineyard depends on the ability to make sound operating decisions year in and year out. This is where Heritage Vineyard Management comes into play. For over 30 years, Guillermo Herrera and his team have assisted growers in successfully developing and maintaining thousands of acres of Northern California vineyards. We invite you to get in touch. Working together, we are confident we’ll achieve the best harvests of your life.