Walt Wines, 380 First Street West


4:00 - 7:00 pm

Artist Nate Geare will be featured for this special reception, and his works will be on exhibit in the tasting room from January through March, 2015.

RSVP by email to our WALT House Director, Thrace Bromberger, as there are limited seats.

Nate Geare Bio

Nate Geare, protector of the fine Arts. Traveler of the Four Seas. Painter of Cows. Builder of Playgrounds… has a BFA from UCLA.  He currently makes oil paintings on large wood panels along with smaller scale collages. His large oil paintings are made using palate knives as opposed to brushes, giving them a rougher feel and creating a unique texture.

In an effort to eliminate the stark, blank surface of a new canvas, Geare uses color fields, drips and paint splashes, to activate what will become the background of the composition. Whether its portraits of cows, landscapes of trains and barns, or mixed media collage, Nate Geare’s work uses this activated surface as a starting point to layer a more structured foreground.

Geare seeks to create a sound composition through the balancing ofabstract background with a structured foreground. Drawing from such movements as the Industrial Revolution, Dorthea Lang and The Great Depression, Eduard Monet and the impressionists of the late 19th century, as well as abstract expressionism of the1950s.

You can find out more information on his website:  Nate Geare Online Gallery