Stone Edge Farm Winery: Sustainable Dinner Series


EDGE | 139 East Napa Street | Sonoma, CA 95476


6:30 pm

More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates advised, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Today, when it comes to food, we sometimes hear, “You are what you eat.” When you observe the healing principles of Ayurveda, however—a system that predates even Hippocrates—it isn’t just what you eat. It’s when you eat, it’s how you eat, and it’s why you’re eating what you eat. Ayurveda translates to “the science of life” and is based on balance. The diet, which is an integral part of a broader practice, promotes specific foods for certain body types and personality characteristics. It offers guidance on how much and when to eat, what combinations work well, where food should come from, how to appreciate it, and more.

Our Executive Chef Fiorella Butron, a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, has planned an exceptional meal that will both delight your senses and leave you feeling restored. Learn how mindful eating and strong social connections promote health. These principles guide our culinary program at Stone Edge Farm. We invite you to join us at Edge for this special meal in the series Sustaining Ourselves.

Featured Menu
November 15, 2019

Oyster, rosehip, burgundy peppercorn

Shitake and ginger broth, bok choy, buckwheat dumpling, scallions

Poached spiny lobster, carrots, fennel, aji Amarillo flax seed oil, sorrel

Charred brocolli and puree, mustard greens, pistachios, Fiscalini cheddar

Roasted squash, sweet potato, pepitas, persimmon, nutmeg

Venison, black garlic, brussel sprouts, huckleberry, burdock root

Quince chicha sorbet, quince brandy, quince preserved

Chocolate and maca cake, pear butter, cardamom, brandy, brazil nut ice cream

Jujube bean, apple and oats bar
Elderberry candy
Fig and chocolate truffle

*If you prefer an entirely plant-based menu,
kindly let us know when making your reservation.
All courses will be paired with Stone Edge Farm wines and Old World selections.

$195 per Collectors Cellar member | $250 per guest