12 Nights of Marvel at MacArthur Place: Candlelit Sculpture Tour with AERENA Galleries


29 E. MacArthur Street Sonoma, CA 95476


12/17/2021 - 12/17/2021
5pm - 6pm

MacArthur Place Presents: A series of wonder-filled events, including Santa Claus, Tarot, Candlelit Sculpture Tours, Wine and more. Complimentary and open to the public.

Candlelit Sculpture Tour with AERENA Galleries
Join Julie Henry, Director of Operations for AERENA Galleries, for a candlelit tour of the new collection of outdoor sculptures placed throughout MacArthur Place’s six-acre property. Selected for their organic shapes and natural materials that seem to emerge from the earth or be reclaimed by it, these sculptures blur the lines between nature and the man-made environment. Stroll through winding pathways and verdant gardens by light of candle, and learn more about AERENA Galleries and the seven sculptures housed at MacArthur Place.

Tours offered at 5pm and 6pm. Space limited to 12; first come, first served.

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