Source & Sink

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276 Randolph St. Unit B Napa, CA 94559 USA
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Source & Sink

The positive flow of energy created by the vine’s sources that is later translocated to the vine’s point of interest known as sinks (i.e. roots, leaf tips and fruit)

Two Chicago natives met serendipitously during the 2017 wine harvest in Sonoma. While they both have day jobs (Rande in Vineyard Management, Aaron in Finance/Business Planning) their desire was to create a new, unique wine label to bring their love of Sonoma wines back to their hometown of Chicago

Rande is a journeyman in wine, having worked as a grape grower, winemaker and cellar master. Aaron was a jaded banker who left his finance life in Chicago for the 2017 harvest and never looked back.

With connections to legendary vineyard sources Rande and Aaron wanted to pay homage to the rich grape growing and winemaking history while showcasing the bright future of Sonoma Valley

Winery Details

Tasting Room:


  • Sonoma Valley

Other Details:

Available Varietals


  • Alicante Bouchet
  • Carignan
  • Petite Sirah
  • Red Wine Blend


Other Varietals:

  • Rose