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740 Lawndale Road Kenwood, CA 95452

MacLeod Family Vineyard

Making Wine with Ghosts — A Story in Every Glass When we first arrived here, the original vineyard had long since been abandoned. The Pioneer home and barn were gone, burned down under mysterious circumstances. There was a broken down, half-dead orchard, overgrown ridges in the fields where the original vineyard had been and piles of rusted baling wire laying about. George remembers his wife, Greta, saying, "Remind me again why we're leaving your good job to chase this dream of starting a vineyard." That was 40 years ago…the dream was to convert 50 bare acres into a vineyard producing grapes of exceptional quality; make great wine; make money; gain recognition; live forever.

Since that day, we have found artifacts of Native Americans and Pioneers before us…a stone mortar and pestle used to grind acorns into flour; an iron stove lid from the Pioneer kitchen; horseshoes, fishing gaffs, cobblestones. All this history, life, and work of past generations combine as a special place to grow happy vines. Growing happy vines may sound crazy but it's how we are trying to farm MacLeod Family Vineyard at Indian Springs Ranch. The vines and those who walked this land before us are key contributors to the magic here.

Come visit us and we will take you out into the vineyard to meet the vines, taste the wines and add your own footsteps to our terroir. And what of our dream? It's a great vineyard, producing grapes and wine of exceptional quality; have not made money yet; looks like we just may live forever!

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  • Sonoma Valley

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  • Dog Friendly
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  • Merlot
  • Zinfandel


  • Sauvignon Blanc

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  • Rose

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