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  • Kate Benziger
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  • (707)939-5385
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  • (707)799-7935
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  • Envolve Winery Sonoma Court Shops 27 E. Napa St., Suite A Sonoma, CA 95476
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Established by childhood friends, Michael Benziger, Benjamin Flajnik and Danny Fay, our winery emphasizes the important relationship between friendship and the enjoyment of wine. The three of us have formed a team built on long-lasting friendships and our shared passion for winemaking. Our team’s focus is to educate and create honest, sustainable friendships with our customers, just as we have created within our own team. We’re committed to teaching people more about winemaking, viticulture, organic and biodynamics and much, much more.

Vineyard Overview:

Through family members, friends and mentors, we have gained an appreciation and understanding of environmental farming practices. Sustainable, organic & biodynamic viticulture provide greater longevity for the soils and a more natural environment for the vine to express it’s true character.

Our philosophy at Envolve Winery is that winemaking is an art, not a science. We strive to produce premium quality wines that fully express the true characteristics of the grape varietal and the property or ‘terroir’ where they are conceived. Blessed with great mentors in Sonoma Valley’s small wine community, we have adopted a mentality focused on sustainable, organic and Biodynamic viticulture practices, low yielding crops and a minimalist approach, based on traditional winemaking practices.

Our goal is to use native yeasts that form in the vineyards of our biodynamic and organic wines, and French and American Oak barrel programs that compliment our wine’s rich flavors. We craft our wines to be bright, fresh and balanced. As great lovers of grilled meats, spiced dishes, seafood and cheeses, we also try to produce food friendly wines that can be shared with great food and great company.

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